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Kamui Quick Dry Blau

Kamui Quick Dry Blau

Imagine the fluidity

It's always important to eliminate external factors like moisture and sweat on your hands to keep your fluidity on the table.

The Kanui Glove protects you from external factors and gives you the chance to concentrate even under high pressure.

With the Kanui Glove, you can focus on your game and visualize your next shot. Experience the fluidity you're looking for in your game. Quick Dry Made of quick drying material so you can have smooth strokes, accurate shooting and speed regardless of sweaty hands. The Kamui Quick Dry Gloves are made of smooth, stretchy material so you have a comfortable fit on your hand even during extended play. You are supported by the
Anti-slip pad on the palm, and you form a more stable bridge (buck hand) with it and that gives you more confidence in your game.